Friday, May 12, 2017


It's now official ... I retired as of April 28th from Clariant Corporation! We are in the process of moving out to Ennis, MT where my husband of 48 years and I built a dream log home in 2015
The picture just above was taken in November 2015 before construction on the exterior was complete and the slabs on the garage hadn't been oiled. All of the exterior is complete and landscape is being installed now. What you cannot see from this photo is the Madison Mountain range behind the house. The base of the range is only about ten miles across the Madison River Valley.

This life change will give me more time to do what I want. I always have several projects going so current inventory includes the Jan Stawasz doily from the 2008 Polish magazine (I borrowed from the PTG library). I am also on round 99 of the 1940s Knitted Lace Doily. Both doilies are being done with Lizbeth Size 20 in white. These will alternately grace a table in the great room that was once a pedestal dining table. I'll try to get some pictures posted of progress once we get a little more settled. These two projects make for good companions on the cross-country drive from North Carolina to Montana.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

TatDays 2016 - Tatting is Out of This World!

I keep thinking I'll post more often but as you can tell I haven't been doing so. Hubby and I returned a couple of hours ago from Toccoa, GA where Palmetto Tatters Guild (PTG) hosted their 14th annual TatDays. It seems like just yesterday that we were doing the first event at the McKissack Museum on the campus of the University of South Carolina. We've come a long, long way from that point where there were 67 pre-registered to last weekend's event with 149 officially registered.

As usual, I didn't attend any classes but we had so many wonderful teachers, talented aides and fantastic tatters it was just a joy to welcome them to our event as registrar and see them again in the vending room, at meals and during the various breaks, games, etc. One of our favorite teachers was unable to attend due to the death of her husband. Our deepest sympathies go out to Martha and her family and friends.

I honestly do have an excuse. This September is very busy for us as a family. Next weekend, our younger is getting married so the coming week will also be a whirlwind of activity. I'll head back into the office the next week after "vacating" since the 1st. The 24th & 25th, hubby will supervise the loading of "stuff" we are taking to furnish the log home we built last year in Montana. Our older son will drive the truck out (taking his vacation to do so ... he is a sweetheart as is his wife to let him). Then hubby and DS#2 will fly out on the first of October and hubby will supervise the unloading of truck and our SUV. DS#1 and DS#2 will fly back on the 3rd and hubby will remain to unpack some of the boxes and explore fishing accesses along the Madison and Gallatin rivers ... as well as others. I'll be joining him sometime after the end of April when I finish my contract with my company.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Probably New Beginnings

As we start 2016 ... and yes, January is very nearly gone ... I will probably face major changes in my life. The company where I've worked in Product Safety/Product Stewardship since 1988 has joined the companies 'embracing' Global Business Operations (GBO). For about 40% of my PS colleagues around the world, it means that they are losing their jobs to 'offshore' operations in India.

I must say though that I believe I am really ready to retire when my position is eliminated (which will probably be in April). Ronnie (DH and BFF) retired in April 2014 and we're ready to start enjoying the next stage of our lives together. Ronnie has been tying fly-fishing flies, including nymphs, terrestrials as well as all those other buggies that the trout love. Hopefully, we can get his back issues taken care of so that he can enjoy going to the streams and fishing. He has fly-fished for more than sixty years and does Catch and Release. He loves going up to Wilson Creek in North Carolina but really loves to fish the Madison River in Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park) and Montana (near Ennis).

I've been doing more knitting and more tatting. I'll try to put more pictures out and do more than post once every two years.

I started out the new year by doing a test-tat for Ruth Perry. It is a beautiful cross pattern and here is my rendition of her pattern. This piece has not been blocked officially but used my fingers in order to take the picture. This cross is a lovely pattern and a good project. Thank you, Ruth, for allowing me the privilege. I can't find the link to the pattern at the moment but will try to post it later.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The PTG Scholarship Quits for 2014

Oh, my goodness! Have you seen them? They are FANTASTIC!!

Thanks to all the tatters who so generously donated their tatting. Georgia and Erin have done another great job (no surprise there) of co-ordinating the effort. The quilting itself is wonderfully done by Pinky!

On behalf of the PTG officers and especially our TatDay Chairman, DonnaT, won't you:
PLEASE help us spread the word for folks to take a look at our Tat Days Scholarship quilts! They are GORGEOUS! THANKS to all in the tatting community that made these possible!
Facebook it! Tweet it! Blog about it!
I have been lucky enough (and greedy enough) to get some of the quilts (the smaller ones) from previous years. I absolutely love each one but the ones this year take the pieces to a whole other dimension. I need to save some more bucks so I can make my donation and possibly go home with quilt; I can always use another one!
The important aspect of these items though is the number of tatters that the WWTC (World-Wide Tatting Community) allows the Palmetto Tatters to assist. We certainly could never do this alone.
The funds from these quilts are ear-marked for our Scholarship fund. This fund allows PTG to enable folks who couldn't otherwise come, to join the annual TatDays Event. Not only does this further someone's tatting knowledge but every person in attendance, whether a teacher, aide, participant or those important "others" to join in a weekend of fun and fellowship. In 2013 there were (if memory serves correctly) seventeen ... that's right 17 ... full and partial scholarships awarded.

Take a look using the link above and prepare to be AMAZED!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

PTG TatDays 2014 - Tatting Tea & Toffee and much, much more

Have you seen all the work that's gone in the website 2014 TatDays? Donna and Jeff have done a tremendous job ... as always.

Great list of teachers and some fun classes! I still have my old dilema ... How can I clone myself so that I can be everywhere and see everyone. I've volunteered as Registrar so be a little patient with me as there are some of the background things that I'm just getting used to doing. That means my better half will be busier than every in the vending room.

If you're thinking about coming, check out the website and register. There are some of the classes that are nearly full. Key vendor again this year is Tatting Corner and we really look for to seeing Jennifer and Jerry again.

Very eventful year as our older son and his lovely wife moved to Rock Hill, SC. It's so nice to have them nearby. Certainly 40 miles beats the heck out of 740 to Arnold, MO. Both our boys are motorcycle techs and doing great! Our sweet daughter-in-law is working as a risk analyst and doing more work on her book. She has a book of poetry that she published several years ago. Very talented ... sometimes it's hard to believe that they haven't been married quite three years.

The biggest event came when hubby FINALLY retired from his job! Probably the best day in both of our lives. One week out of the trenches and then we left on our annual trek out West. Had a wonderful time and guess what? No work laptop and no cellphone. I had threatened to throw his Blackberry into the head waters of the Missouri last year!

Had a wonderful visit with everyone at Camp WannaTat and learned some new techniques. After leaving the Flathead lake area, we spent quite a bit of time in and around Yellowstone National Park. Not all the roads were open yet when we where there. Yellowstone Lake was still frozen and there was LOTS and LOTS of snow! Hubby got to stop in at Blue Ribbon Fly Shop in West Yellowstone and then we went over to Ennis where hubby fished at the Varney Bridge on the Madison River.

We met two wonderful couples while we were at Ennis. One of the guys (C.G.) makes beautiful, hand-crafted fishing nets. He's made a lot of the furnishings in their Ennis home. Caroline (C.G.'s wife) made me feel at home and as though I had known her for my whole life. Most of the year they make their home in Orange, VA.

The other guy (Ken) is a professional photographer and will soon publish a coffee-table style book. I can't wait to get it. We got to see a preview of some of the photos and they are STUNNING. Ken and his wife Penny made us feel at home as well ... heck, they're transplanted Texans as we are. Ken hails originally from Lockney and Penny grew up in Monahans.

Ken even took a slide show of hubby fishing (and yes, CATCHING) and put them on his site. If you're interested, go to See I Told You So! I was actually sitting and tatting in the SUV you can see in the background of some of the first pictures in the slideshow.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beginnings and Passages

With a New Year, we all think of beginnings and make resolutions. But beginnings are precluded by endings ... rather passing through yet another doorway. Philosophy has never been my strongest point but the passing of my mother has given me many quiet moments for thought. On my father's side, she was the last of the generation. Mother was the oldest of all the cousins on her side and all the surviving cousins were saddened by her passing; there was a real reason she was known as "Sister."

Yet other doorways have opened. Two of my sister's children have bought their first homes. Both my sisters and my brother are grandparents with one sister a great-grandmother. One of my nieces has just had a baby and another is expecting in April. It's so strange to think of all those little girls and boys being grown up, with responsible jobs and having children of their own.

I've done a bit of tatting but have completed half of the challenge that my mentor, Bobbie, gave me in June of 2011. I have completed one hand-knit sock (I can't believe i actually turned the heel ... we just won't say how many times I had to attempt it before I was successful) and only lack about two inches on the second before starting the heel. I just shouldn't have used 4" DPNs as they have a tendency to dig into my palms. Once I get the second sock completed, I'll post a picture.

For the coming year, I hope to continue to gain skills I've wanted to learn and would challenge everyone else to do the same. I'm actually teaching my husband and younger son how to do some cooking (will be better on the pocketbook for sure). They've been raiding my cookbooks and recipe box for easy meals. They are starting to get a better understanding of the time and preparation that goes into preparing meals. I just need to be a bit more patient with them. I'll also need to write out preparation directions that I always took for granted. Hubby plans to make another attempt the weekend at Lemon Chess pies but I'm not sure anyone can make them like my grandmother did ... Slim's pies were famous!

Jane E will be starting another TIAS soon and I am resolved to participate more as I haven't done so in several years. I really have missed that and they are so much fun. I've also resolved to do quite a bit more tatting with the goal to get enough snowflakes completed so that all my nieces and nephews can add to their trees in December ... they won't all be white because I have a lot of stash that isn't white. We won't talk about the entire boxes of DMC white in 70 and 100 that I have!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

After a very difficult six months, my mother passed away in early November. My focus has not been so much on tatting (although I have done some ... just for the therapy!) but rather on family as well as some major reporting to government agencies for my company. I certainly hope to remedy that more in the coming months.

I would however like to give my thanks to everyone who sent personal notes on my various e-mail accounts and through Facebook. I've also received many cards ... especially a very special one from Bobbie in Montana. I am extremely grateful for the time and thought that went into all the notes; your graciousness means more than I can say.

I would also like to express my gratitude for family and especially our extended family. Under our sad circumstances, I was able to speak with cousins from across our country from Alaska to Florida. While many I had not spoken with in a number of years, it was as though those years simply melted away.

I wish you all a wonderful fall season; well, what there is left of the season. I also want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and happy new year in 2013.